Ciao Bologna!

My Italian blood is calling, and a visit to my relatives from the Northern Italian Region of Emilia-Romagna, is on the list. So, after getting my carry-on ready, I am on my way to la cittá di Bologna!

DSCN2324This city well-known as a cultural and tourist centre, being the home of one of the most prestigious universities of the world: la Universitá di Bologna, is also a great culinary choice as it offers everything your palate could desire


Splendid Parma hams, tasty Parmigiano Reggiano, pig rearing, aceto balsamico, milk and dairy produce, and an endless paradise of pasta fresca in a variety of forms and shapes like: ravioli, tortellini (for which there are around 101 different recipes invented in Bologna-as the locals say), agnolotti, capelletini, lasagne and more, . And, as my grandmother Angela used to said: “the secret of a great fresh pasta is using always the fresh ingredients and never change the recipe”. Believe me, every rasdora (housewife) in Bologna master this respect and technique for the art of pasta making. Pasta dough is carefully kneaded, pulled out by hand or rolled out thin with a rolling-pin that pass through generations to generations as a precious trophy

DSCN2426Many Italians cities have a nickname that describes its historical origin. Bologna is known as: Bologna la Dotta (Bologna that Learned) alluding to the fact it is the home of Europe’s oldest university founded in 1911, and Bologna la Grassa. Even though the epithet “fat” sound a little bit negative, it reveals the preference for the ample and sumptuous cuisine of their native city. What this means? Simple: cooking according traditional recipes, respecting the ingredients and spending long time in the kitchen. Forget about innovative cuisine in this part of the world. It is all about tradition. A beautiful tradition that is served and tasted at the table of each Italian home as well as their restaurants


Like my paccheri pasta con Ragú alla Bolognesa that was enjoyed to the last bite!


But nothing says more Bologna la Grassa-culinary speaking- than Mortadella

DSCN2429Ground pork meat and long strips of fat that gives the mosaic appearance and the unique taste, plus the secret mixture of herbs that every Italian butcher will add, gives mortadella its incomparable taste that makes everyone happy


Sausages like: salama da sugo (pig’s liver and tongue wrapped in a coating of ground neck of pork), coppa (delicious antipasto made with meat from the pig’s neck), pancetta (fatty bacon from the belly of the pig), salsiccia (fresh sausage made from pork and beef mixed with baco) and cotechino (made with pork rind, lean pork, fat and seasonings),  a favorite in Emilia-Romagna served with lentils and sauerkraut


but, what else makes Bologna a fantastic culinary and cultural destination?


We can not forget about the delicious and traditional pastries like: torta di risso, one of my favorites served at Gamberini, a magical pasticceria that first opened its doors back in 1907


Turrone, panforte, cannoli, spumeti, biscotti, chocolato, gelato,… all ready to transform your life in a Dolce Vita!

DSCN2360The tradition of the city…

DSCN2345The music of their hearts…

DSCN2260The celebration of their culture and food…

DSCN2346and, let’s not forget the celebration of their first passion: fútbol, that will make you scream: forza Italia!- at any game


The richest produce of their soil


The richest juice of the grapes in their vines …


All these and much more, makes this amazing city full of tradition and culture, a destination that will warm your heart, body and soul. Ciao bella Bologna!


One thought on “Ciao Bologna!

  1. So good to see you again wonderful tour of city BUT so good to see You . You are looking so well & Happy . Blessings to you at this special Time of celebrating Jesus’ Resurrection Day & season for rejoicing, Blessings & Love, Lynn

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