“From here & there”

In this page you can find some random pictures from my different trips around … in other words, these are pics from “here & there”. Each one had catched my eye for different reasons. Some are lovely, some are interesting, some are cute, some are … you named! Enjoy them and try to guess where they are from. Have fun!

looking good guys!…

a ride anyone?…

yes, you guessed it, Oreo cookies!

not your typical nutcracker…

bee at work!


so refreshing!

guess the meaning of this sign?

I bet  you know this one!

free parking is available!

anyone what to rent a camel?…

I love the colors of the dresses these ladies wear!

loved it!

it’s time to go to rest …

peaceful and romantic …

yogurt, anyone? …

night in the City …

do you think it will fit in my kitchen tools cabinet?

Interesting! … can you read the serial number in this egg?

fresh juice, anyone?

look at the color of the sand …

no traffic rules here!

cold, very cold shower!

colorful shoe wall

carpets and more carpets!

I want one for home!

anyone knows how to play this?

dyeing leather

there is a coke for everyone!

combs and hair accessories

super cute!

love the mosaic floors!

and the mosaics in this ceiling!

Bono, is that you? …

colorful silk

happy faces!


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