A taste of my sweet Paris

Finally it has come, my visit to Paris. A magical city with charm and beauty all around

Many reasons can bring you to this City of Lights. You name it: fashion, art, culture,romantic scape, etc. For me it’s all about pastries. So, I have raised the bar and my goal was set: map on hand, comfortable but fashionable shoes, camera on hand, and an empty stomach ready to taste the best pastry and chocolate creations this magical city has to offer! Time frame?: 48 hours. Ready, set, go!

eiffel tower picMy list of best patisseries and chocolate shops of Paris has many names on it: Laduree, Pierre Herme, Jean-Paul Hévin, La Maison du Chocolat, Patrick Roger, Gérard Mulot … but, after visiting them all, I have chosen to dedicate this post to one of my favorite patisseries as my palate has tasted and spoken: Cafe Pouchkine

DSCN1666With no less appreciation for the rest of patisseries from my list, Café Pouchkine Paris, has captivated my eyes and all my taste buds. Located in the ground floor of the Printemps Department Store, the renowned pastry chef Emmanuel Ryon, has accomplished to honor each classic French pastry with his unique touch of Russian flavors and ingredients that represent him

blog pic-cafe pouchkine vidriera con pastries

Caramel, chocolate, pistachio, lemon, vanilla, rum, fresh fruit, spiced flavors of the world that burst in your mouth and awake all your senses take many forms in Cafe Pouchkine!

blog pic- cafe pouchkine sales lady

All bring us together to this amazing patisserie that enchants you with its Russian charm as soon as you enter through its doors

blog pic-eclair cafe pouchkineéclairs with many flavors like chocolate and caramel

blog pic-le millefeuille pouchkine

Millefeuille made of caramelized puff pastry between layers of light Bourbon-vanilla chantilly

blog pic-caramel cake & honey cake

Cakes full of flavors and textures, like the Caramel and Honey cakes

blog pic- prague cake

and one of my favorites: The Prague Cake, traditional chocolate genoise, with layers of mousse au chocolat, spiced with chunky green apple marmalade

blog pic-strudel cafe pouchkine

not your typical strudel at Cafe Pouchkine. A bite of this fine pastry filled with apple compote and pistachios, will delight your senses to the extreme!

blog-pic cafe pouchkine

amazing chocolate creations for all seasons

blog pic-macaroons cafe pouchkineUnique macaroons in shape, color and flavors that are impossible to resist

blog-pic cafe pouchkine3

A beautiful Rose Pouchkine made of pistachio biscuit with fruit compote and pistachio cream embellished with white chocolate petals kissed by golden leaves

blog pic-amande pastry

and because sometimes simple is the best, this tarte aux amandes, was my first choice to start my day in Paris, with a cup of hot chocolate… Bonjour!

DSCN1688With many incredible choices it is hard to choose your favorites, but I have to say that the Gateau citron meringue called my attention

DSCN1690its heart of sharp lemon surrounded by a smooth and fluffy genoise cake, with the delicate touch of a rich and soft meringue, can take you to the other realm!

DSCN1871Saved for later: my Baba Stainlas. Believe me when I say that you have not tried a real baba rum cake until you taste this one!


A spiced cake, with a center of caramelized vanilla-rum creme and caramelized pate phyllo dough for an extra crunch and contrast in texture, that is out of this world!


Finally, after my two days of best pastry hunting, with a full stomach, a warm heart and exhausted feet, I happily can said: mission accomplish. Once again, my sweet Paris, got me craving for more!


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