A waited trip to Buenos Aires…

At JFK airport again, and this time with Buenos Aires, Argentina as my destination. Last time I was there was more than five years ago and I am so excited to come back to see this wonderful city which had been chosen for many Italians and Spaniards as their second home. With that in mind, you can imagine how rich is its culture and gastronomy. From their famous “asados con chimichurri” (barbecue) to their artisan fresh pastas, pizzas, sweet pastries and their flavorful “Spaniard paellas”, Buenos Aires has it all!

Come on, let’s go!

Arriving to Buenos Aires, I see this fantastic view from “El Obelisco” at the widest avenue from the world called “Avenida 9 de Julio” (9th of July Avenue)

At night the magic of this City shines in the busy streets. Porteños (popular name given to the Buenos Aires residents) always find time to enjoy good food with friends and family at local cafés and restaurants

One dish that it is a must to try while in Argentina is “milanesa a la napolitana” (breaded veal with cheese and tomato sauce). Argentinian meat is known for its high quality and it is used in many traditional dishes like this one

If you just want a snack with your coffee or “cortadito” these ham and cheese melted in toasted white bread called “tostados” are the best option

At the time the cravings are calling for something sweet, no problema! These “alfajores de dulce de leche” (soft cookies filled with caramel and cover with white and dark chocolate) are the solution. Better paired with a “submarino” (hot chocolate)

Best at day time “Caminito” in the neighbourhood called “La Boca” is the place to visit. This is a traditional museum street full of art, life and history. In 1926, it was the inspiration for Juan De Dios Filiberto, who composed the famous tango named after this place. It is a must visit for tourists and locals

At “La Costanera” is very tipical to find lot of food trucks or stands, “puestos de comida”, that sells from barbecue with traditional sauce called “chimichurri”, “empanadas” (meat pastry turnovers), “choripán” (sausage sandwich) and more. I loved this particular food truck because of the sign painted in front of the truck: “To God I bless to my death, Argentinian to the end”…

Another food stand by “La Costanera” in the city of Buenos Aires…

Some views from “La Costanera” by “Río de la Plata” riverside. Ideal waterfront side to go for a walk, run or bike

Following the advice of my hotel concierge I decided to visit “Estancia La Cinacina” (country house La Cinacina) in the suburbs of San Antonio de Areco to enjoy “la Fiesta Gaucha” (The gaucho party), a whole day spent away of the city life and immersed in the “gaucho culture”, with traditional dances, popular music or “folklore” (folk music) and of course, great food. First stop was at “la pulperia” (the tavern) where we got some drinks and snacks (pan con salame) before the barbecue called “Argentinian asado”

Inside “la pulpería” of “estancia La Cinacina” where they served us some refreshments

The moment I was waiting for! that bite to this “empanada” (meat turnover) was memorable

Almost lunch time… the “parrillada”  (Argentinian barbecue) is waiting for us!

steaks, blood sausages (“morcillas”), pork sausages (“chorizo”) and much more…

More meat being cooked in the Argentinian traditional way (parrillas”)

The table had been set up. It’s lunch time!

Watching the show of traditional dances while we had lunch at “La Cinacina”

El “chino y la china” dancing traditional folk dances or “folklore Argentino”

Time for the horse riding show!

So much connection and understanding between the horse and the “gaucho” that was showed during each part of the show

the gaucho with his“boleadoras”: these are used by the gauchos to bring down wayward calves. They are the gaucho equivalent of a lariat and consist of three hard balls made of stone or wood covered with leather thongs and attached to long ropes

Antique cars at “Estancia La Cinacina”

Time for a snack: “pastelitos con dulce de membrillo” (sweet fried pastry dough filled with quince paste) after the horse riding show…

I had a great time in Buenos Aires. Thanks to the wonderful staff at “El Conquistador Hotel” for their hospitality and welcome. Nos vemos pronto!


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