Costa Rica: a small country, rich in culture and charm

As I peek through the airplane window and see the ocean my heart is pounding. I know that now I am closer to one of my favorites countries to visit: Costa Rica. Yes, a small country always compared in size with the city of Vermont (USA) but so rich in culture, charm and nice people. The first time I visited this “Central American jewel” was almost six years ago; since then, I fall in love with its people, weather (remember that I live in New York State…) and landscapes. You should add this nice country to your wish list. Believe me when I say that you will not regret it!

Costa Rica is in the horizon!

After  my flight from New York City to San José, Costa Rica, it  was wonderful to get to my hotel: “Don Carlos”. This was my first time staying in the city and this hotel was an excellent choice.

I will give you a travel tip here that always work good for me: At the time of choosing your hotel or residence to stay for your vacation or holiday getaway, always consider the ones that are true to the traditions, culture and history of the country they belong. This is the best way to get to know its people and have the chance to be part of  their world

Pay attention to the details of the view of the first floor of “Hotel Don Carlos”. As I used to walk around the hotel my eyes were delighted because of the original art pieces that decorated each room. A whole museum inside the hotel!

This ox cart-wheel that decorated one of the hotel walls was made in 1820

So much charm in each floor of this hotel! Look at the lovely balconies… so romantic as well…

Nice jacuzzi area where I spent most of my early mornings and late nights after touring the country sides… hey, a girl has to have some luxury time too!

These lovely ladies from the “Hotel Don Carlos souvenir shop”, helped me so much in getting to know the city and they show me how to get to my tour destinations. Always ready to help me while sharing a nice cup of coffee in the mornings!

Special thanks to all the staff from “Hotel Don Carlos” that made me feel like at home during all my stay. And thank you as well for letting me use their kitchen.. In the middle of my time there I was “kitchen sick” so much that I had to ask permission to use their restaurant kitchen and let me cook for a day!

Let me introduce you to “Señor Juan” who stopped us in our way up to the mountains to see the volcano “Irazu” to take him a picture!. Que lindo!

Costa Rica has nine volcanos and this is my favorite one: the stunning “Volcán Irazú” (Irazú volcano). I love the color of the water that is achieved by the combinations of the lava and the mineral and chemicals from the soil. Words are not enough to describe the moment I first saw it. Actually, I was speechless after seeing it, really!

As we drove all the way down the mountains after our visit to the “Volcán Irazú” we were stopped by these lovely kids and their cow. A reminder to not to drive so fast in the country side …

Costa Rica is well-known for its coffee plantations. The quality of its coffee is welcomed around the world and if you look closely to the label of your coffee tin at home, you will not be surprised to find the participation of Costa Rican coffee beans in the mix. So, after visiting the volcano, I decided that it was a good time to join the Coffee Tour at “the Coffee Britt plantations”

Pedro,from “the Coffee Britt tour”, showed and explained us the early stages of the coffee production and how they would be preserved along the way

Lucía, another tour guide, explained us how the coffee beans were selected and  roasted

This tubular container shows the different types of coffee. As you can see by the difference of intensity in the colors from the labels in the container, less roasting time means a lighter coffee in flavor, aroma and taste

thank you so much to my friends at  “Coffee Britt Tour”!

After a long day of touring the country what best than a “siesta time” in this colorful hammock! Forget about water beds and all that stuff, these hammocks are the most comfortable way to sleep and rest ever! Hasta la vista amigos…


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