For the love of food!

As you read this blog and get to know me, it will be easy for you to notice that there are two things that I like most. Yes, you have guessed: traveling (speacially if it involves going on a plane) and food, particularly, cooking and sharing it. Let’s face it, we all love food! (I did not find anybody who does not like it yet and I have the feeling that I will never do)…

But, do you ever asked yourself why we love food so much?, besides the fact that our bodies need food to fuction, what is beyond food?. As James Beard used to say: “Food is our common ground, a universal experience”. So, it is true than no matter who we are or where we live, all life revolves around food. Yet food is more than the sustenance we need to stay alive; food is part of which we are, part of our culture and tradition.

I got to the conclusion that food has the power to create relationships that brings moments of togetherness. My best memories of time spent with those who I love are around food. It is through food that we can express ourselves; through food we celebrate life and passing of time. No matter where we are from, how we cook, or what we enjoy, food always enriches our lives everyday!

It is my desire, as I start my culinary adventure around some of the most fascinating places in the world, that you will join me to celebrate together the power of food, the culture and people that evolves  around it. And, remember that you do not always have to go far to begin your own culinary adventure. It can start right there where you are by just discovering and sharing the food around you with those you love…


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